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The CCI group of companies is one of the top providers of customer management services in Africa, supporting domestic and international clients. Headquartered in the UAE, the group comprises of companies across the African continent servicing brands from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya and others.

Impact Sourcing

Our vision is to be the largest and most respected outsourcer in Africa by offering world class solutions that derive value for our clients and their customers. Our mission is to continue being pioneers in new markets across Africa by investing in people and uplifting communities we operate in. We empower through training, with a focus on developing young professionals for careers in the BPO industry.



One of our fastest growing markets and at the spearhead of our continuous evolution strategy. CCI are aligned to the Kenya Vision 2030 that aims to transform Kenya into a rapidly industrializing, middle-income country that will elevate the quality of life for its citizens within a secure and clean ecosystem.

South Africa

The birthplace of the CCI brand and one of our core operating locations, South Africa has one of the largest information and communications technology (ICT) markets in Africa and is leading in the field of mobile, security and electronic banking services.


Ethiopia’s economic outlook has shifted significantly since 2018 and they have focused on building a BPO industry supported by government policy. CCI have built long term partnerships and capitalized on working with local entities to establish itself within the country.


Rwanda has in recent years developed a “Digital Exports strategy” that would make it become one of Africa’s Technology Hubs. CCI view Rwanda as a strategic investment opportunity for future growth aligned to our long-term digitization aspirations.


Ghana’s government is focused on driving digitization across the country and has invested heavily in accelerating its initiatives to drive a digital agenda across sectors in its economy. It is a focal point for growth for West Africa and an ideal location for our geographic portfolio.


Our newest delivery location in Africa. Egypt offers an additional established BPO destination for our customers alongside supplementing our vast reach with additional language access and an established infrastructure, CCI Global aim to continue to offer extensive capabilities with a push for growth for the continent.


Africa is the fastest growing continent globally, a rapidly urbanizing population and an abundance of highly educated youth searching for opportunity to use hard earned qualifications. Natural English language skills provide unparalleled levels of comprehension. High levels of retention and opportunities to progress result in global leading capability. 

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CCI work across a multitude of service lines and provide capability across industries to global clients searching for quality outputs while creating social impact.

Customer Management

Business growth rests on your ability to choose partners who understand your services, products, and market. Acquisition, retention, loyalty and management of your customer base directly leads to opportunities to increase sales and CCI has a fantastic track record in offering this to a global portfolio.

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Omnichannel Management

Across voice & digital channels, CCI provides support to organizations across the world. We implement processes and utilize our international expertise to provide adequate agent profiles, systems and interactions to elevate your brands services. As our industry continues to evolve, we invest heavily in our omnichannel strategy.

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Administration & Processing

Operations and effectiveness across translation, digitization, claims and complex case management require a skilled and equipped workforce. CCI integrates your workflows into our operational design with training infrastructure that equips agents with the right skills to be successful in all your standard processes.

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Technical Expertise

Detail-oriented and focused services require a highly educated workforce. CCI bring a diverse talent base with the requisite specialization to support technical service lines with agents who manage complicated operational queries. In addition, we support your business needs with cross-industry learning and portfolio solutions.

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Africa has one of the most globalized youth populations, with young job seeking individuals exposed to an array of popular culture that influences their style, conversations, behaviors and understanding of the world. Our workforce provides an English neutral accent that distinguishes itself across our services as well as adds a greater sense of familiarity to your customers. First language capability coupled with an incredibly knowledgeable workforce provides the capability to dynamically resolve customer queries.

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Meet our team

Martin Roe

Chief Executive Officer

With extensive experience in the BPO sector in both the client and vendor side of operations, Martin has overseen CCI’s strategy development to become Africa’s largest outsourcing provider, steering the company toward the future of the BPO industry. Martin has a passion for Impact Sourcing, incorporating it as one of CCI’s core values. Linkedin Icon

Mark Chana

Chief Operating Officer

Mark is our operational guru who has ultimate responsibility for operational delivery across CCI’s International & Domestic clients, working closely with management teams at our operational sites to ensure a smooth and satisfying customer experience. Mark is a board member of BPESA (BPO Industry body in South Africa) and CareerBox, our recruitment arm. Linkedin Icon

Lizelle Strydom

Managing Director: CareerBox

Lizelle has vast knowledge and expertise in various niche entities in the labor market enabling her to identify gaps and create strategic solutions in breaking barriers to entry. She was a guest speaker at Oxford University in 2020 and participated in several global panel discussions around the GBS sector, Impact Sourcing, and Why Africa. She is the leader and integration point between CCI Global and CareerBox. Linkedin Icon

Mahira Khan

Director of Bids & Contracts

Mahira oversees the growth, bidding, and contracting across the group, implementing the bid and solution management process from qualification all the way until hand over to the project implementation team. She’s accomplished some of our biggest wins and most successful campaigns, helping CCI become a world class provider to some of the world’s leading brands. Linkedin Icon



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Excellence in Customer Service Awards ’23 Winner

CCI receives ‘Outsource Partner Of The Year’ at this year’s awards acknowledging those who help companies provide an enhanced level of customer service.

CCI Kenya is now the Largest BPO Operator in Kenya

CCI’s Kenya operations have grown to become the largest BPO provider in the country with 3000+ agents, cementing growing demand for Kenya as a BPO market.

CCI Wins at Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service ’23

CCI is recognized as a Customer Service Outsourcing Provider Of The Year competing against 2,300 nominees for customer service and contact center achievements.

CCI Global Partners With Customer Experience Foundation UK (CXFO)

The CXFO is the UK’s latest customer experience association with CCI bringing African expertise to the partnership’s joint effort to impact the future of CX.

CCI South Africa Wins Prestigious Award At The GSA Professional Awards 2022

CCI were recognized and awarded ‘Best Far Shore Team’ by the GSA Professional Awards , the UK’s premier award organization for customer service provider’s supporting the UK Market.

CCI Kenya Celebrates Annual Fun In the Park Day With Over 10,000 People

In 2022, CCI Kenya hosted our annual event for family, friends & co-workers to celebrate our achievements and our amazing employees with live performances and from major African artists

Construction Commences On Our New 4000 Seat Service Center in Tatu City

Kenya’s largest ultra modern contact centre will employ thousands of young Kenyans in Tatu City, CCI’s second operating location in the country.